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Prof. Dr. Ferdinand le Noble

2006-2015 Group leader at the MDC and W2 appointment at the Charite, Berlin
present W3-professor at the KIT, Department of Cell- and Developmental Biology, group leader at the ITG

1986-1991 Msc, Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences, Maastricht University, The Netherlands
1997 Ph.D. in Pharmacology, Maastricht University, The Netherlands

Research direction
Focus lays on the understanding of the basic molecular mechanisms that control angiogenesis, arteriogenesis, and vessel function in normal development and in pathological conditions related to ischemic cardiovascular diseases.

Top five publications
°  Neuronal sFlt1 and Vegfaa determine venous sprouting and spinal cord vascularization
Wild R, Klems A, Takamiya M, Hayashi Y, Strähle U, Ando K, Mochizuki N, van Impel A, Schulte-Merker S, Krueger J, Preau L, le Noble F (2017)
Nature Communications. 8:13991. DOI: 10.1038/ncomms13991
°  Circular RNAs are a large class of animal RNAs with regulatory potency
Memczak S., Jens M., Elefsinioti A., Torti F., Krueger J., Rybak A., Maier L., Mackowiak S., Gregersen L., Munschauer M., Loewer A., Ziebold U., Landthaler M., Kocks C., Le Noble F., and Rajewsky N. (2013)
Nature 495, 333-8
°  Dll4-Notch signaling determines the formation of native arterial collateral networks and arterial function in mouse ischemia models
Cristofaro B., Shi Y., Faria M., Suchting S., Leroyer A., Trindade A., Duarte A., Zovein A., Iruela-Arispe M., Nih L., Kubis N., Henrion D., Loufrani L., Todiras M., Schleifenbaum J., Gollasch M., Zhuang Z., Simons M., Eichmann A., and Le Noble F. (2013)
Development 140, 1720-9
°  Flt1 acts as a negative regulator of tip cell formation and branching morphogenesis in the zebrafish embryo
Krueger, J., Liu, D., Scholz, K., Zimmer, A., Shi, Y., Klein, C., Siekmann, A., Schulte-Merker, S., Cudmore, M., Ahmed, A., and Le Noble, F. (2011).
Development 138, 2111-2120

Pulsatile shear and Gja5 modulate arterial identity and remodeling events during flow-driven arteriogenesis
Buschmann, I., Pries, A., Styp-Rekowska, B., Hillmeister, P., Loufrani, L., Henrion, D., Shi, Y., Duelsner, A., Hoefer, I., Gatzke, N., Wang, H., Lehmann, K., Ulm, L., Ritter, Z., Hauff, P., Hlushchuk, R., Djonov, V., van Veen, T., and Le Noble, F. (2010).
Development 137, 2187-2196

 Ferdinand le Noble